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Rewild. Heal. Awaken.


My name is Gary Howard, Licensed Professional Counselor and Founder of Wild Ways Integration.  My mission is to help you revive your innate power, heal your emotional wounds, repair your relationships, and align with your purpose.  


Every day I see how my loving, authentic presence and over 10 years of  experience help people like you rediscover themselves and make the changes they have been longing to make. 


Depending on your need, I offer counseling, coaching, trauma healing, and guiding. I conduct my work in both traditional offices and the office under open skies. 

I'm ready to meet you just as you are and walk with you each step of the way.  Let's dig in!


We are already wild, but sometimes we forget that.  Your natural self is healthy, free, and divinely wise.  As life experiences accumulate, we may find ourselves adapting in ways that inhibit our fullest expression.  Through love, we tap the depth of our power, which heals trauma and revives your life.  


“This - is now my way: where is yours?' Thus I answered those who asked me 'the way'. For the way - does not exist!” - Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

Like snowflakes and fingerprints, every person is unique. To embody your wild self is to live your way. 


Integration happens on multiple levels: How am I relating

to myself?

to others?  

to Nature?

to my work?

to Powers beyond?

These questions and more may be calling you now. Let's answer.

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