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The Ride That Changes Everything.

Your motorcycle is your vehicle to adventure.  
Your adventure is your vehicle to transformation.

The dream trip.  The ultimate ride.  You, the road, and the unknown.  

What strange sights might you see?  

What new lands may you encounter?

What memorable characters will cross your path?

What challenges will you stare in the face?  

What light may shine on you, showing you truth?  

Is this world big enough to hold you?

The desire to getaway has deep, deep roots.

What hunger burns so hot you cannot turn away?

What anguish drives you?

What inspiration pulls you onward?

I know these feelings.

I have lived them.

Are you fiercely longing to meet Life head on?

To shed old skin?

Were you born to be wild?
Get your motor running.  It's time to go! 


What's a Motorcycle Vision Quest?​

A motorcycle vision quest is a motorcycle trip that is also a deep trip into yourself.  You leave as one person, come back as another.  The adventure is more than a sensational experience; it changes you.  

It starts with a feeling- the feeling that it is time to change things up.


When the call to adventure arises it does not quiet until answered. This call is the Wild You beckoning you to new places and ways of living.  Will you remain a caterpillar or will you fly?  


Your "Hero's Journey" will test you.  If it was easy, everyone would do it.  But you're an adventurer, a Seeker.  As you overcome what you thought you could not you become stronger and discover your place in the world. 

For many thousands of years, traditional, nature-based civilizations have relied on  wilderness quests to turn adolescents into adults and warriors, to move from one position in society to another, and to obtain wisdom that forms new philosophies.  To motorcycle vision quest is to join the ranks of brave explorers who have gone alone into the wild in search of answers.


"Sometimes you have to do something before you know the reason why you did it." -Author Unknown

How long is it?

"The question is not how far. The question is do you possess the constitution, the depth of faith, to go as far as is needed?" - Il Duce, Boondock Saints


Is it right for you?

Pause and listen: Do you hear the call?  

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How I Help You With Your Motorcycle Vision Quest

IMG_1762 (2).JPG

In the years since completing my year-long motorcycle vision quest in 2011,

I have come to realize just how much more I could have extracted from that precious time had I had the support of someone who understood the magnitude of my quest.  When I embarked in 2010, I was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for answers.  I was pushing myself through a rite of passage and didn't even know it.  I wish I had known then how the time-tested format of a vision quest can help. 


I know now.  My calling today is to help YOU take your dream motorcycle adventure to the next level, beyond epic!  Is a motorcycle vision quest calling you?

A motorcycle vision quest consists of 6 stages:

0. Answering the Call

1. Preparation

2. Goodbyes

3. Adventure

4. Homecoming

5. Reintegration

As a life-loving adventure rider, experienced vision quester, and Licensed Professional Counselor, I offer a special blend of skills designed to help you get the most out of each of these stages.

We meet face to face as much as possible, maybe even out on the trail, prior to and after your Adventure.  A motorcycle vision quest is a deeply personal event during which solo time is critical.  As such, I am not physically with you during your ride into wilderness but I am available via phone, email, and video.  From initial explorations through ongoing integration, I am here to help you scale up your motorcycle adventure to a lasting, full-throttle life upgrade. 

I want to hear your story and help you get the most out of your motorcycle vision quest. 

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