"No Man Is An Island"

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This is a safe group for men wanting to become more effective in their pursuits. 


Together we help each other identify and surmount the blocks that prevent us from living up to our full potential in our careers, relationships, physical and emotional health, and personal goals. We support, not advise, one another.


IMPROVE:  Follow through

Time management




Sexual satisfaction (for you and them)


Diet and exercise



Emotion management

This group works for 4 reasons:  

1- shows men they aren't the only men with tough to solve problems

2- gives an outlet for men's inherent problem-solving obsession

3- is emotionally sensitive and inclusive but not emotionally-centered and focused, which can intimidate men

4- teaches 2 effective methods to solving problems (SMART goals and social support)



We will open every session with uninterrupted floor time for every member to share their progress, struggles, questions, and requests to the group. Group sharing and processing will follow.  We will close each session with a round of intention setting for the next week. Members will set "SMART" goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) for themselves each week and report back to the group the following week.  We will support and encourage one another by locating blind spots, raising accountability, brainstorming solutions, and building man-to-man connection.  With humor, courage, and honesty, we will bring our strengths as men to the aid of one another while also receiving the strength and guidance of other men.  This group welcomes laughter, frustration, grief, hope, confusion, and every man's unique gifts. 




1650 38th St., Suite 100E, Boulder, CO 80301

Boulder Healing Hub



5:30-7pm, every Wednesday for 8 weeks, beginning January 5, 2022



$30 per session.  $240 total for the 8 weeks.  $50 deposit required to hold your place until the group begins, and the rest is paid on or before our first meeting.  Cash, Venmo, or check only. 



The facilitator is Gary Howard, MA.  Gary is a professional counselor, wilderness therapist, group facilitator, and business owner.  He lives in Longmont with his partner and dogs, Blossom and Anyu.  When he's not helping others or spending quality time with his family, he is likely dancing, fishing, or riding his motorcycle.

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