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Counseling And Coaching

You being you.  

Me being me.



  • Get clear about what YOU really want

  • Organize and prioritize

  • Balance

  • Feel confident in yourself

  • Understand why you feel what you feel

  • Mend your relationship(s)

  • Sort through indecision

  • Release trauma

  • Say what you need

  • Have difficult conversations with people in your life

  • Set attainable, "SMART" goals

  • Learn how to relax

  • Develop new habits

  • Quit or reduce your addiction

  • Figure out what to do about work

  • Face up to your parent(s)

  • Learn how to love yourself

  • Connect with others

  • Become a person who can make their dreams come true

  • Let go of false hopes and desires

  • Learn how to set and achieve goals

  • Make peace with the basic facts of life

  • Let go

  • Take ownership of your life and actions

  • Find yourself

  • Take risks

  • Follow through

  • Develop mindfulness

  • Stay in the present


First and foremost, I am not a "shrink" just trying to get into your head or make you change.  My goal is simply to connect with you on what matters to you.  Once you and I have a foundation of trust and understanding we can experiment with different techniques that may deepen your insight, emotional balance, groundedness, and sense of direction. What I love about this work is that every single client I see is totally unique.  I am always surprised and learning.  Yet, certain frames of reference and activities are time and again helpful in helping people heal, grow, and find their way.  I draw from a variety of modalities and theoretical orientations and offer them in a way that is as unique as you. Some of these include: Gestalt, Wilderness Therapy, Ecopsychology, Internal Family Systems, Guided Visualizations, Somatic Experiencing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Transpersonal Psychology, PACT, and Positive Psychology.  I am grounded in Rogerian principles, apply a Humanistic and Culturally Sensitive approach, and incorporate Existential Philosophy in my work.  In the process, you become much more aware of who you are, how you came to be as you are, what you truly value, what makes you "tick," how to give your gifts authentically and get paid well for them, and so much more!

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