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Free Men's Group- In Response To Kavanaugh Case 

"Many men are experiencing a lot of difficult emotions and confusion in response to current events. For this reason I would like to bring men together for a few weeks.  I invite to this group all men who would like some time with other men to hash out what they have been experiencing in response to the Kavanaugh case.  Topics include but are not limited to: sexual violence, gender roles, blaming and accountability, how to have tough conversations, and how to stand up as torch bearers for healthy masculinity in a deeply troubled society.  This group is free and I am the facilitator.  Message me if you have any questions:


We have just 1 hour and there will be many diverse voices, so come with open ears and courage to speak your truth.  Parking at the library and finding the room can take time, so plan to arrive early.  Space is limited to 15-20 members per group.  Attendance to all 4 sessions is optional."

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