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From May 2010 to May 2011, I rode a KLR 650 solo over 21,000 miles from San Diego, California to Ushuaia, Argentina. I had just 3 months of riding experience prior to departure. 


It was the culmination of a quest that started when I left my hometown in 2007, in search of meaning, direction, and wisdom. I longed to break free from the molds of society and my past. I needed to stretch out and swim seas true to my size. 


This odyssey brought immense growth and fueled my passion for assisting others on their quests. I named my quest, "Gary Gone Wild." Great self-discoveries were made during the adventure, but it is the integration of these discoveries that has proven most valuable... and most difficult.


"Gary Gone Wild" was a test run of how to Motorcycle Vision Quest. That education plus thousands of hours facilitating others' life transformations helps me help others design, experience, extract, and integrate as much as possible from their own Motorcycle Vision Quests.


Below I proudly share bits from "Gary Gone Wild."

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