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10 Ways Men's Groups Help Men

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

"Men's groups are silly, scary, and pointless." If you feel that way, you are not alone.

Most men with experience in men's groups would testify that while men's groups can be paralyzing at first, they are surprisingly NEITHER silly NOR pointless. While the men may get silly, the end product is not. In fact, men's groups can be a powerful, quick way to crush obstacles you have not been able to on your own or with your coach, mentor, therapist, or partner.

"Men's groups can be a powerful, quick way to crush obstacles"

Here's why:

1. You discover that are not the only man with your problem. It feels good to know that.

2. You see how other men have solved problems like yours. (They learn from you, too.)

3. You realize that you don't have to "puff up" and be the "alpha" around other men.

4. Your insecurities, aggression, humor, sensitivity, and grief are all welcome here.

5. You get to feel genuine support from a man. Maybe for the first time ever.

6. Your healthy masculine energy will grow and transform your life.

7. Your feminine side will balance out and express more freely.

8. You can focus deeply on emotions without having to get overdramatic about them.

9. If you need help following through, the men support your accountability.

10. You can drop the act society expects you to play because of its definition of "man."


Finding a good men's group can be a challenge. ManKind Project, Psychology Today, and may be able to point you to some groups near you.

Some men's groups are free and run by members. Others are facilitated by a trained professional and require payment. Some have specific intentions. Others are designed to simply offer connection. Some groups are quite large. Others are quite small. Get clear about your goals to find a group that suits you.

Are you looking for a goal-oriented men's group with a professional counselor? I run a "Get Your Shit Together" men's group that may satisfy your appetite for change. Check out info on that group here.

Are you a man or do you know a man who could use a more personalized, one on one approach with a man therapist? Have them contact me for a free consultation to see what we can do to help.

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